Saturday, 6 March 2010

Jon Venables - murderous scumbag

So the murderous scumbag Jon Venables is back behind bars. It doesn't surprise me.

For those who don't recognize the name, he and his mate Robert Thompson (who lives round the corner from me under a new identity) kidnapped, abused, tortured and viciously murdered two year old James Bulger.

It is an article of faith among wishy-washy liberals that anyone who reacts with anger rather than equanimity in the face of such heinous crimes, is the proverbial low-brow "man in the pub" who thinks with his heart but not his head. But the reality is that the bleeding heart liberal rehabilitation lobby are no less motivated by fantasy and wishful thinking than those right-thinking people who demand punishment. The rehabilitation lobby too are driven by emotion rather than reason. They too have the capacity for self-deception. They too believe only what they want to believe.

That is why Jon Venables and Robert Thompson were released at almost the same time. What is the likelihood that they were both fully rehabilitated at exactly the same time? Or are we asked to believe that those two "psychologically damaged" boys (the mitigation factor for their crime remember?) were miraculously cured of their mental ailments in less than six years and were merely waiting until their tariff came up so they would be eligible for release on license?

Methinks not. The rehabilitation lobby simply wanted to believe that they were cured. It was a classic case of wishful thinking and self-deception on the part of the bleeding heart liberals. And now the chickens are coming home to roost.

In the case of Robert Thompson I can tell you that he appears to have settled down. I can't say that he is "good" but he is at least polite. He is living with his girlfriend and toddler and (interestingly) a female blood relative! But as he has stayed out of trouble for the time being, it would not be right to "out" him.

However Jon Venables is another matter entirely. I will not repeat all the reports about him. Suffice it to say that while the courts have forbidden publication of pictures of him after those of when he was a child, above is an age-progressed picture of what he would have looked like aged about 18.

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