Friday, 21 May 2010

Murderers found guilty of manslaughter

It is now becoming routine for murderers to get off with manslaughter for a variety of legally irrelevant reasons that judges are allowing them and their shysters to get away with.

The reasons for these miscarriages of justice include such excuses as "I was only driving the getaway car," or "I was the robber, but it was the getaway car that killed him," or "although we battered him and it caused his death, there was an intervening medical error.

The latest example of this phenomenon occurred in the recent case of 24 year-old garage worker Saravanakumar Sellappan (above) who was beaten to death by three dirty little scumbags (or maybe I should say cumbags) called Jegir Ahmmadi (20), Roshan Samedov (18) and Awat Murad (18) (the spineless little boys on the right). These pieces of shit followed him and, in the context of a group enterprise, beat him to death to get his mobile phones. There is a dispute amongst them as to who struck the fatal blow but that is because these wannabe tough-guys weren't so brave when it came to taking their responsibility for their actions.

However it appears that before his death, the victim concealed the full nature of what had happened from the emergency room staff at the hospital because he did not want to worry his family. Consequently he was not given the medical treatment that might have saved his life. And on the strength of this, the death-deserving scum who attacked him were acquitted of murder, in a shameful miscarriage of justice, and were only convicted of manslaughter - which those cowardly little boys also denied.

Now here's something else of interest which I am hesitant to mention. The reason I am hesitant is because it lends itself to misuse at the hands of racists. Nevertheless I will say it and then state my own position on the subject. These three murderers came to this country in their childhood as refugees, two from Iran and one from Armenia. In others words, they came to this country seeking asylum, were welcomed by this benevolent nation state, grew up here getting all the benefits of our civilized society, our democracy and our education system - and how did they pay back our society that had shown them such kindness, generosity and hospitality?

They breached our laws in the most serious of ways, becoming violent robbers and ultimately murderers. Indeed this was not just a one-off opportunistic crime. It was done in a manner that clearly showed that they had experience of what they were doing.

Now I know that at this juncture some people will jump at the chance to cite this case as proof that we shouldn't allow in asylum-seekers, even if they are genuine refugees from oppression. Others - at the opposite end of the political spectrum - will no doubt accuse me of jumping on the anti-refugee bandwagon myself.

Neither claim has any merit. Granting political asylum to those who are genuine refugees from oppression is certainly an act of goodwill, rather than an act of duty. But as a benevolent nation we should continue to have such goodwill. That is not to say that we should not be allowed to set tough conditions in return for our goodwill, and these conditions may be tougher than we impose on native citizens. To use a familial analogy: you wouldn't throw an obnoxious teenage son out onto the streets for constantly putting his booted feet up on the coffee table. But if his friends did likewise you'd ask them to stop and if they refused you'd ask them to leave - not to mention probably never allowing them back. As for a family, so for a nation.

If this means that we have to wrest back into our elected government's hands, some of the sovereignty that we have signed away in European and international agreements, so be it. If this means that we have to defy a sovereignty-waiving agreement that our previous government signed (without a mandate from the people), so be it. If this means that our spineless prime minister - who also reneged on a promise of a referendum on that agreement - must belatedly sprout a pair of testicles and stand up the pseudo-liberal Nick Clegg in order to regain our sovereignty on this issue, then let it happen. If not, then let his successor do the unfinished job.

But whilst we should reassert our right to expel foreign criminals in the face of flagrant judicial misinterpretation of such noble concepts as the "right to a family life" - we should not be diverted from our tradition of compassion towards genuine refugees. Nor should we abandon our long and venerable tradition of kindness and fairness merely on account of the crimes of a few snivelling little boys who wanted to play being at men.

I suspect that one of the reasons they were so ill-equipped for that task was because they didn't have the benefit of any actual male role models, when they were growing up, to show them how real men behave. This in turn would explain why, after inflicting the fatal blows on their innocent victim and stealing his blackberry, one of the murderers, Roshan Samedov, put the sim card from the blackberry into his own phone and used it to make a five-minute call to a sex line. Presumably he belongs to the "little willy" school of crime.

Oh well. Look on the bright side Roshan. You only got nine years, which means you'll probably be out in four and a half. In the meantime enjoy your porridge - and your prison showers.

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