Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The junkie, the drug-dealer and the innocent man

This is a story about the murder of an innocent, vulnerable man called Kevin Tripp (right), by a heroin-addicted, professional shoplifter and slag called Antoinette Richardson and her career-criminal boyfriend Tony Virasami (below), who has criminal convictions stretching over thirty years for robbery, shoplifting, criminal damage, handling stolen goods, drug dealing and driving offences.

The facts of the case are that on the 10th of June 2008, the slag Antoinette Richardson tried to push in front of a young man called Adam Prendergast and his eight-year-old stepdaughter in a branch of Sainsbury’s. Prendergast chided Richardson for her rude behaviour and she responded like the foul-mouthed slag that she is, calling him a “little tramp.” At this point Prendergast lost his temper and told Richardson to “f*** off out of my face.”

Because Richardson was unused to some one standing up to her, and desperate for revenge against the young man who had not allowed her to get away with her pathetic attempts at bullying and intimidation, she phoned her jungle-savage, junkie boyfriend, Tony Virasami, summoning him to the scene.

When he arrived, she incited him to assault Prendergast. Unfortunately because the drug-addicted Richardson slag had difficulty communicating, the scum-bag Tony Virasami – who has not yet mastered such basic skills as understanding human speech – went up to another man, Kevin Tripp, and struck a vicious, murderous blow to his face, killing him.

After the ugly jungle savage had struck the blow, and while Kevin Tripp lay dying on the ground before her eyes, what did the evil, murderous Antoinette Richardson do? Did she make some effort to give first aid to the man whom she knew to be dying as a result of her malicious incitement? Did she summon help for him. Did she show any remorse or regret? Not a bit of it!

Instead, the cheap little junkie slag called out to her boyfriend that he had got the wrong man and said “We need to find the right guy.” Then, like the spineless backstabbing bitch that she is, she fled the scene, leaving Virasami to face the music for the murder that she had incited. So in addition to being ill-mannered, arrogant and vicious, she is also cowardly and treacherous. Fortunately, she was later arrested by police at her home in Sedgehill Road, Catford.

If you’re thinking that she’s a cheap slag who has forfeited the moral right to life, you’re right.

The victim, Mr Tripp was a good man who left behind him a loving partner and a five year old child.

Now when a person assaults another with the intention of either killing or causing grievous bodily harm and thereby causes death, that person is guilty of murder, not manslaughter. And from the force of the blow it is clear that Virasami INTENDED to cause grievous bodily harm. Therefore Virasami was guilty of murder. Richardson must have known Virasami's strength and by inciting him she was knowingly encouraging him to commit grievous bodily harm. therefore she too is guilty of murder.

Yet for some reason the Crown Prosecution Service allowed Virasami to plead guilty to manslaughter. Worse still, the Richardson slag tried to perjure her way out of it altogether, despite video and witness evidence showing her urging the jungle savage to hit Prendergast. In the event she too was found guilty – but again only of manslaughter.

However, the worst was yet to come. Because the criminal-friendly judge – who could have handed down sentences for life-imprisonment even for manslaughter – sentenced Virasami to only four years and Richardson to only eighteen months. These are the kind of sentence one would give if one were a friend of the criminals. Indeed because of time already served and remission, they were soon out on the streets again. No honest judge could think that such sentences are adequate for the crimes they committed.

It is almost inevitable that such sentences will inevitably encourage similar scum to commit similar crimes. Moreover Richardson and Virasami will be emboldened by these sentences. Indeed those scumbags probably think they have a monopoly on deadly violence. But what goes around comes around. They will soon find out that they don’t.

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